Wojciech Klimala is a graduate of the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School University of Silesia majoring in film and television. He completed the DOK PRO program for professional filmmakers at WAJDA Film School. Member of the Polish Filmmakers Association since 2012. In recent years associated with Warner Music Poland, where he works on music and promotional films. Work with Polish National Television on television series and documentaries. Scholarship holder of the „Young Poland” program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The most important film awards:

  • Jan Machulski Awards: Best documentary film 2019 (Hugo);
  • Polish Film Festiwal Offeliada: Main award „Ofelia”, Student Jury Award „Hamlet”, Main award „Offelia” and distinction from Young Audience 2019 (Elizabeth);
  • Solanin Film Festiwal: distinction from Director of festival 2019 (Elizabeth);
  • Toronto Polish Film Festival: Best short film (Elizabeth);
  • „Hollywood Eagle Documentary Award” Polish Film Festival Los Angeles 2019 (The Signs); 
  •  „Grand Prix” Yerevan International Short Film Festival 2019 (Elizabeth);
  •  „Platinum Reel” Nevada International Film Festival 2018 (The Signs);
  •  „Fipresci: Best Debut” Warsaw Film Festival 2017 (Hugo)
  •  „Best Cinematography” Sanford International Film Festival 2015 (Entropy);
  •  „Grand Prix” QL Film Festival 2014 (Entropy);

Film and theater directing:

2020 Protest song, prod. Artrama (music videoclip)

2020 Kroke, prod. Artchata (television spectacle)

2020 Mir Zenen, prod. Artchata (television spectacle)

2020 Portrait of an Afrikaner, prod. Polish National Television (documentary film)

2020 Barwy szczęścia, prod. Polish National Television (tv series)

2019 Barwy szczęścia, prod. Polish National Television (tv series)

2018 Toccatas – Aleksander Dębicz, prod. Warner Music (music videoclip)

2017 Elizabeth, prod. Film School University of Silesia (short)

2017 Żeńcy, prod. Kosmos Production (short)

2017 The Signs, prod. Kosmos Productio, (documetary film)

2017 Oświadczyny, prod. Teatr Śląski (theatrical performance)

2017 Hugo, prod. Film Bunch (documentary film)

2016 Upij mnie – Krzysztof Kulbicki, prod. MCK (music videoclip)

2016 Sequenza -Janusz Wawrowski, prod. Warner Music (music videoclip)

2016 The River, prod. Latająca Ryba (documentary short film)

2015 Lento III – Meccore String quartet, prod. Warner Music (music videoclip)

2015 The Island – Aleksander Dębicz, prod. Warner Music (music videoclip)

2015 Cinematic piano, prod. Warner Music (documentary short film)

2015 Ronin – Drużyna mistrzów, prod. Negra (music videoclip)

2015 Życiowy plan – Leo Pik, prod. Negra (music videoclip)

2014 Entropy, prod. Erina B (short)

2012 For a good beginning, prod. Warsaw Film School (short)

2011 Occupation: tourist, prod. Warsaw Film School (documentary short film)

2011 W składzie porcelany, prod. Bakakaj (theatrical performance)

2007 Drzazga, prod. Teatr Mały (theatrical performance)

2006 Machina de Silesia, prod. Teatr Mały (theatrical performance)